Italy has a lot to offer and this is something also sanctioned by UNESCO. Italy’s cultural heritage is widely known for its history, art and tradition. The pursuit of the beautiful is something men unconsciously always aim. But what does exactly the word “beautiful” mean?
Beauty has always been considered as a criterion of value and associated with a gladness of the senses. The beauty of art is better, higher and it is exactly in art that the beautiful, as an eternal, permanent and immutable idea, is best embodied and incarnated. Beauty of nature, on the contrary, is evanescent and perishable. When almost a century ago the relativistic stance in cultural matters pressed, the word “beauty” became emptier and too general, often associated with prejudice and superficiality due to its strong feminine connotation. Beauty was therefore a restrictive and elitist concept. As an alternative, the word “interesting” seemed less trivial and free from moral implications, including also the sick and the wicked. Nevertheless, the interesting has quickly become a consumerist concept, being sometimes used in a deceiver way, as a device of getting out of a troublesome situation if something is not actually seen as beautiful. Another valid alternative was the sober and non-feminine word “handsome”, which can also indicate an appalling and horrible subject matter but still worthy and intriguing. Beyond all the arguments regarding the deep meaning and the shades of words, the only thing that really matters seems to be the capacity of the overarching and disinterested beauty to surprise and to overwhelm man. Beauty regains its solidity in stimulating and deepening our senses and it is indispensable to define a great deal of our lives.
Italy is full of art heritage cities and there are always a lot of tourists travelling to this country in order to discover the secrets of the so-called cradle of Renaissance and of art in general. The city of Verona, the historic centre of Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Venice and its lagoon, the historic centre of Florence are only few of the artistic pivotal heritage sites you will find there.

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You will have the possibility to travel the famous country shaped like a boot and discover its beauty and allure made of art, history and tradition.

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