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Pop Music CDs

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Pop Mixes 1 Pop Music Vol.1 "Pop Mixes 1"
A mix of contemporary pop tracks. Acoustic pop, Electronic pop and Indie pop.
Brighter Days Pop Music Vol.2 "Brighter Days"
A collection of tracks with acoustic guitar strumming, light electric guitar sounds & contemporary pop grooves.
Contemporary Pop Pop Music Vol.3 "Contemporary Pop" 
Contemporary pop sounds. Drum loops, acoustic & electric guitars, nice pianos & keyboards. Melodious, positive, inspiring.
Positive Outlook Pop Music Vol.4 "Positive Outlook"
HOT SELLER! Breezy, open-sky, laid-back, motivational. Nice melodies & positive grooves.
Pop Styles Pop Music Vol.5 "Pop Styles"
A mix of contemporary styles. Includes laid-back pop, funky, urban pop, 6/8 ballad, light pop rock & inspirational.
Electric Pop Pop Music Vol.6 "Electric Pop" 
Electric Pop. A collection of Dance & House rhythms. Cool grooves & riffs.
Pop Mixes 2 Pop Music Vol.7 "Pop Mixes 2"
A good mix of modern, electronic pop to acoustic guitar pop.
Acoustic Pop Pop Music Vol.8 "Acoustic Pop"
Collection of pop tunes. Light & easy acoustic guitar, contemporary production techniques, happy pop.
Acoustic Pop 2 Pop Music Vol.9 "Acoustic Pop 2"
A collection of popular Pop styles - ballad, guitar pop, orchestral, world / pop.
Pop Piano Pop Music Vol.10 "Pop Piano"
HOT SELLER! A beautiful collection of well-played pop acoustic piano pieces. Romantic, sad, inspirational, uplifting.
Pop Mixes 3 Pop Music Vol.11 "Pop Mixes 3"
A collection of mainly acoustic guitar-based Pop tracks. Percussions and World instruments add interest and color
Pop Mixes 4 Pop Music Vol.12 "Pop Mixes 4"
Mixed Pop styles including laid-back tracks, strumming guitars, & funky pop. Focused on acoustic & electric guitars.
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