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Downloading My Purchases

Go to My Downloads located within My Account. You can access 'My Account' from the upper right corner of most pages of the website.

You will find a list of music tracks you've purchased that are ready for download.

For Music Downloads and CD orders WITH downloads: Downloads are available in MP3 and WAV formats.
For PC downloads - Right click & select "Save Target As...". Then select "Save" and NOT "Open".

For Music Loop Collections: Downloads are available in .ZIP folders.
You will need WinZip or an equivalent application to 'un-zip' or decompress the folder.

How long will I be given to download?

Music downloads will be available for 7 days. You can download as many times as you'd like within the 7 days.

How long will it take to download?

To download a 1 Megabyte music track takes approximately 2.5 minutes with a 56K modem. Therefore we can estimate the following:

  • A 10-second high-quality .MP3 music track (roughly 200 Kbytes) will take about 30 seconds to download.
  • A 10-second .WAV music track (roughly 1700 Kbytes) will take about 4.25 minutes to download.

Please note that unavoidable Internet congestion will affect speeds and slow down the download process to varying degrees.

What if I lose my files?

Please store your files properly as accidental deletions do occur. Always store your files in a safe & secure location. Always ensure you save your files in 2 separate locations. Under our Copyright Notice terms, allows 'Licensee to may make only one copy of the licensed music track for back-up purpose only'.

If needed, you can email us your Order Number & Transaction ID and we will re-activate your downloads.

How do I playback my music?

When download has completed, you will be asked to open the file for playback. Select `Open', Yes' or equivalent. The default audio player (e.g. Windows Media Player) of your system should start playing your music.

If you do not have a media player installed on your computer, please see list of audio players.

About Instrumental Music Clips Instrumental Music Clip Library
Instrumental music clips & music loop downloads, instrumental music CDs & instrumental music DVDs at lowest prices. Download instrumental music clips now or have instrumental music CDs & DVDs delivered to you. High quality instrumental music clips at the lowest prices anywhere!

Download Instrumental Music Clips
Browse through our instrumental music library and select the music clips you wish to download. You will be able to download your instrumental music clips immediately after making payment in both WAV & MP3 file formats.

Instrumental Music CDs
Purchase instrumental music CDs in dozens of music categories. Each music CD includes the Full Length track as well as edited versions in 10, 15, 30 & 60-second lengths, Alternate Mixes & Stingers.

Instrumental Music DVDs
Our instrumental music DVDs are a compilation of our music CDs on DVDs for the best value at special prices! Each instrumental music DVD consists of between 8 to 10 music CDs from our instrumental music clip library.

Instrumental Music Loops
Instrumental music loops are great for when you need seamless, "loopable" background music. Purchase individual music loop downloads, download Music Loop Collections (over 120 music loops at the best prices) or have Music Loop Collection CDs delivered to you.

Custom Music CDs
You may choose to have individual music clips you purchase specially recorded on custom music CDs to be delivered to you. With this option, you the music CD and get to download your music clips immediately after purchase!

FREE Shipping!
We offer FREE SHIPPING for any of our instrumental music products within the US with absolutely no minimum order amount! Have instrumental music CDs and DVDs you purchase delivered to you for FREE. Delivery to anywhere else in the world is only $15.

3-month Split Payments
Now you can enjoy 3-month split payments at 0% interest for purchases over $300! Purchase over $300 worth of our instrumental music products and choose this option when you checkout.

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