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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the library a "royalty free" music library?

Absolutely! Instrumental music purchased from is purchased on a "royalty-free, lifetime synchronization buyout basis". Which simply means you are free to use our instrumental music in any media - TV, Radio, Multimedia, the Web...etc. - for as long as you want, regardless of market or period of time used. The super low price you pay for instrumental music from is a one-time-only fee!

Can I read your Music License Agreement?
How soon can I download my music?

For music downloads under $100, you may download your purchases immediately. HOWEVER, we reserve the right to withhold downloads should we receive any notification from our online payment system provider WorldPay regarding any payment discrepancies. This is done to prevent credit card fraud and protect you, our customer.

How do I search for instrumental music?

You can browse for your music by:

  1. Music Downloads
  2. Music CDs
  3. Music DVDs
  4. Music Loops

Can I listen before purchasing?

Yes! Unlike our competitors, with you can preview EVERY and ANY track in our library in FULL before purchasing - and not just snippets. Know exactly what you're buying.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Shopping at is secure!

Credit card information is handled by our online payment partner, WorldPay - a part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world.

All transactions at are handled by WorldPay and utilize special secure encryption technology to ensure secure online payment.

How do I contact you?

You may use the Contact Form, or email us.

WorldPay can be contacted at:

About Instrumental Music Clips Instrumental Music Clip Library
Instrumental music clips & music loop downloads, instrumental music CDs & instrumental music DVDs at lowest prices. Download instrumental music clips now or have instrumental music CDs & DVDs delivered to you. High quality instrumental music clips at the lowest prices anywhere!

Download Instrumental Music Clips
Browse through our instrumental music library and select the music clips you wish to download. You will be able to download your instrumental music clips immediately after making payment in both WAV & MP3 file formats.

Instrumental Music CDs
Purchase instrumental music CDs in dozens of music categories. Each music CD includes the Full Length track as well as edited versions in 10, 15, 30 & 60-second lengths, Alternate Mixes & Stingers.

Instrumental Music DVDs
Our instrumental music DVDs are a compilation of our music CDs on DVDs for the best value at special prices! Each instrumental music DVD consists of between 8 to 10 music CDs from our instrumental music clip library.

Instrumental Music Loops
Instrumental music loops are great for when you need seamless, "loopable" background music. Purchase individual music loop downloads, download Music Loop Collections (over 120 music loops at the best prices) or have Music Loop Collection CDs delivered to you.

Custom Music CDs
You may choose to have individual music clips you purchase specially recorded on custom music CDs to be delivered to you. With this option, you the music CD and get to download your music clips immediately after purchase!

FREE Shipping!
We offer FREE SHIPPING for any of our instrumental music products within the US with absolutely no minimum order amount! Have instrumental music CDs and DVDs you purchase delivered to you for FREE. Delivery to anywhere else in the world is only $15.

3-month Split Payments
Now you can enjoy 3-month split payments at 0% interest for purchases over $300! Purchase over $300 worth of our instrumental music products and choose this option when you checkout.

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